secureSWF v3.0 Released!

We are thrilled to announce that secureSWF v3.0 is officially released.
The major upgrade builds on previous versions capabilities and allows you to protect, obfuscate, and encrypt ActionScript 3 in Adobe Flash and Flex applications. This new version is available for Windows
2000/XP/Vista, Mac OS X Tiger/Leopard, and Linux.

After being in public beta for about three month, we’ve enhanced secureSWF and AS3 support a lot. ActionScript 3 is fully supported throughout all the features of secureSWF including:
- Identifiers Renaming
- Control Flow Obfuscation
- Statement-level Randomization
- Dynamic Code Wrapping
- Literal Strings Encryption
- Encrypted Domain Locking
- Encrypted Loader Creator
- SWC Files Support

With Flash, Flex, and AIR ActionScript 3 full support, Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux versions; secureSWF v3.0 is a whole new level of SWF protection.

secureSWF v3.0 is also available in three editions to better suite your
needs; Personal, Standard, and Professional. Please use the following link for a detailed comparison of the different editions:

For more information, or to download your copy of secureSWF v3.0 Demo, please use the following link:

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