Protect Flash CS4 Content with secureSWF v3.1

We are happy and proud to be able to provide you Flash CS4 support!
Not only that, this version of secureSWF has gone through many internal changes that enhances existing features and fixes issues reported to us. Please keep sending us your valuable feedback.

Adobe’s Flash CS4 Support

One major change is that we now officially support Flash CS4 and Flash player 10. And yes, this is a free of charge minor version update!

secureSWF v3.1 supports Flash CS4 new features such as Vector.<T> data type, dynamic sound API, and new BitmapData methods. You can now start publishing your 3D animations with confidence.

Full UTF-8 Encoding Support

Another major improvement is full UTF-8 support. If you have faced problems with non-English text after protecting your files with previous versions of secureSWF, with this new version, it will all be an issue from the past.

General Enhancements

We have done many internal improvements, fixes, and enhancements to secureSWF’s ActionScript protection and optimization, to ensure better general performance and memory usage.

Thank You for Your Feedback!

On a final word, we would like to thank again all of those who have submitted to us the generated error reports, contacted us about the issues they have faced, and shared with us their experience. Thank you very much, we wouldn’t have been able to deliver this update the way it is now if it wasn’t for your generous help.

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