Announcing secureSWF v3.2

We happily announce that secureSWF v3.2 is now available. The new version includes several bug fixes and introduces three new features.

New Features

  1. Control Over Aggressive Renaming.
    Aggressive Renaming turns identifiers names into a mix of symbols, whitespaces, and numbers that are illegal for ActionScript. While this is completely safe for the Flash Player, it causes trouble when parsing and writing XML. You can now turn aggressive renaming off for better compatibility with XML data-binding. When turned off, the new identifiers names will still be illegal for ActionScript, but fine with XML.
  2. Using ActionScript Keywords for New Identifiers Names.
    You will find another new checkbox in the Identifiers Renaming tab. When “Use ActionScript Keywords” is checked, Identifiers Renaming will use ActionScript reserved words, such as switch, case, if, while, do… etc, for 38 of the new identifiers names whither they are packages, classes, functions or variables. It will randomly select the identifiers that will be renamed to ActionScript keywords.
  3. Local Execution Prevention
    We thought you might find it useful to prevent users from running your Flash application locally while it can still run on every other domain. The new checkbox under Encrypted Domain Locking will do just that if you don’t want to lock your SWF file to your domain while still don’t want users to run it on their local machines.

Bug Fixes

We’ve done many general enhancements and fixed almost every issue that was reported to us through the Error Reporting tool. Most significant fixes are: A better layout for the Protection Options tab, we’ve fixed the issue with activating secureSWF on some localized versions of Windows, smart renaming now works for ActionScript 3 frame labels, and we now properly fill up the identifiers tables for ActionScript 2.

Please keep sending your valuable feedback.

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2 Responses to Announcing secureSWF v3.2

  1. Jason Styler says:

    hi, how do I apply for a professional version trial ? would love to give it a try before suggesting it to the client, thanks.

  2. ammar says:

    You can download the demo version from here:

    It has all the features of the Professional edition. The only limitation is the watermark that will appear on protected files and some nagging messages.

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