Build 3147 Fixes a Few Minor Issues

secureSWF v3.2.0 build 3147 is now available for all secureSWF editions. The new build fixes two issues that surfaced on some systems after releasing v3.2 last week and includes some internal enhancements that didn’t make it with the previous release.

To download the new build, simply run your copy of secureSWF now and it will notify about a new update available and then will take you to the appropriate download page.

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2 Responses to Build 3147 Fixes a Few Minor Issues

  1. I have had issues with my .SWF files not working like 50% of the time i obfuscated them, but this seems to be fixed now. Don’t know if this was fixed in this build or not but atleast it seems fixed now.

    Thanks a lot! It really made my deployment a living hell having to obfuscate 2-3 times until the .SWF worked. I was just about to write an angry letter to you guys, now I don’t have to :)

  2. ammar says:

    Glad everything works for you now!

    Random obfuscation results can happen when something goes wrong with Control Flow Obfuscation on ActionScript 3 based Flash/Flex applications. This is because Control Flow Obfuscation will randomly select locations in your code to alter when set below 100% intensity.

    I recommend setting Control Flow Obfuscation to 100% the first time you process a SWF file. And then set it back to the intensity that you prefer if everything works well. If it doesn’t work at 100% intensity, I recommend disabling this feature to avoid random results. Other code protection features in secureSWF will do just as fine as Control Flow Obfuscation.

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