secureSWF v3.3: Exciting New Features

We are very excited to announce the official release of secureSWF v3.3! The new version went through an intensive series of refactoring that enabled us to fix long standing issues.  More exciting than that, we also added new features that have been planned for a while.

New Features

secureSWF v3.3 includes the following new features:

Advanced Code Transformation Selection

Is all code created equal? We do not think so. Some parts of your code are definitely worth the overhead Control Flow Obfuscation adds and the file size increase Dynamic Code Wrapping does. But you are probably happy leaving other parts of your code less protected for the sake of better performance or smaller file size. Now with this new feature, which opens up by clicking the “Advanced” button in Protection Options tab, you can override the code transformation settings for each package, class, and even function and get surgical control over your obfuscation and protection.

Advanced Code Transformation Selection

Exclude 3rd-Party SWC Code

When using a third-party SWC file in your Flash project, there is a chance that it is already obfuscated. If so, the resulting SWF file will contain obfuscated code blocks that will prevent secureSWF from successfully parsing and analyzing your SWF file. To solve this issue, you can now add the SWC files that you have been using in secureSWF which will allow secureSWF to properly skip over those pre-obfuscated blocks of code.


Enhanced Control Flow Obfuscation

We’ve enhanced our Control Flow Obfuscation algorithm making it more random and much harder to trace. You will no longer see stuff as if(false) or if(true) in your obfuscated code. Instead, we are using your own variables and parameters to evaluate our branching statements. Don’t worry, this change does not affect the performance and the file size increase is still negligible.

PDF Reports

secureSWF can now generate a neat and shiny PDF report that will detail all the changes done to your code!

Easier Classes Navigation

We’ve separated Classes from Frame Labels names in ActionScript 3 projects for good. You can now browse your code without the frame label noise!  If you need them, all frame labels can still be found in nice table next to the classes.

Enhanced CLI and Ant Script Integration:

We want you to be able to do everything secureSWF can do using either a command-line interface or an Ant script.  We are working to make that happen. This version includes many enhancements and additions to the CLI interface and Ant support.

Enhanced Performance: Better Memory Usage

You will notice that it now take less time for secureSWF to process your code and, more importantly, secureSWF will consume less memory.   Stay tuned for further enhancements in the next releases.

Download secureSWF v3.3:

Kindisoft Corporate News

Because of our strong growth from customers like you, we are excited to announce Kindisoft has now opened offices in North America.  Our New Jersey and California offices will be available to answer all your customer support, sales, and corporate inquiries. Please reach us at or by phone at 609 678 0325.

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  2. Fantastic update as ever. Keep up the good work!

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