secureSWF Now Supports Alchemy

Now that there are a number of Alchemy projects out there, and some people are starting to use SWC libraries created using Alchemy, we’re happy to announce that secureSWF now supports Alchemy. It’s not that projects created using Alchemy need any obfuscation, Alchemy doesn’t leave much for an obfuscator to do, but Flash projects utilizing libraries created using Alchemy, such as JPEGEncoder, still do. And now you can obfuscate and protect such projects normally with secureSWF.

Besides that, we made the Advanced Code Transformation Configuration tool also available in secureSWF Standard edition due to the many requests we’ve received. And as always, the new build brings a number of bug fixes and enhancements based on the feedback that you are continuously lending us.

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  1. Great Job KindiSoft. keep it up

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