New Release: secureSWF v3.4 100% Goodness

Your feedback has paid off, as we are proud to announce the availability of our new release of secureSWF. Like all point releases, the upgrade is free for all existing licensees!

secureSWF v3.4 Features:

  • Super Compression

You’ve asked and we have delivered! secureSWF can now reduce your SWF file size. In our labs, we’ve seen Flash SWF file sizes drop by 30%. This new feature can reduce the file size up to 10% by itself!

Unlike other obfuscators that just bloat the size of your SWF files, secureSWF can actually reduce your file size when using identifiers renaming, size optimization, and this new amazing feature.

This feature is available today and it’s free for all secureSWF users!

  • Complete AIR and SWC Files Support

secureSWF is proud to be the only protection and obfuscation product on the market fully supporting AIR and SWC files. What does that mean?

It means you can directly protect your whole AIR application from within secureSWF.  Say goodbye to the manual process of protecting each embedded SWF file and then fumbling to properly package the AIR application. secureSWF will automatically handle packaging and protecting your AIR application.

It also means you can now use all secureSWF’s features for SWC and AIR files too!

  • Uber-Detailed Configuration Rules

Previous versions of secureSWF enabled you to specify how your code will be obfuscated down to a single function or identifier. This is powerful, but we’ve heard from users that pinpointing individual functions and identifiers is very time consuming. Because of this, we’ve added the Rules tab.

Now, you can just tell secureSWF exactly what to do with all the code in an entire package, or a single class. Just write in the pattern and check the options you want to override. More details can be found here.

secureSWF in the Wild!

We recently found two worthy articles about Flash ActionScript theft, check them out:

Please spread the word!

More Resources:

New to secureSWF? Here is where you can get started:

Want to know more about protecting IP in Flash apps? Check this white paper:

Check it out:

Please try out the new release, we’re very excited about the new features and can’t wait to hear your feedback.

Demo Version:

Professional Edition:

Standard Edition:

Personal-Lite Edition:

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