secureSWF v3.6

Another free minor version update that rocks with new novel features. secureSWF v3.6 brings for the first time the following:

  • In-code secureSWF configurations.

While coding, annotate your classes, methods, and fields with metadata tags and secureSWF will pick it up! You can set renaming values, control flow intensity, or dynamic code wrapping settings in your source code, and they’ll be secureSWF’s default values. Check the details.


  • Flash CS5.5 & Flash Builder 4.5 fully supported.

New SWF 11 format. We got it! The new release brings official support of Flash Professional CS5.5, Flash Builder 4.5, and Flex SDK 4.5.

  • Protect AIR for Android APK files.

All within secureSWF, add APK files built with AIR SDK the same way you’d add AIR files.

  • Command-line and Ant enhancements.

Store secureSWF output in a log file, easily register secureSWF using a command-line switch, and a few other tweaks that we hope will make someone’s life a tiny bit easier.

secureSWF v3.6 is available today. Download your copy and enjoy the new features:

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2 Responses to secureSWF v3.6

  1. marimo yon says:

    How many yen is update from secureSWF Personal Edition to secureSWF Standard Edition?

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