Announcing Our All New secureSWF

secureSWF v4.0 is now available with over a 100 new features and enhancements. The product of more than two years of coffee-fueled coding, this important release brings the industry’s favorite ActionScript obfuscator and SWF encryptor to a whole new level with:

  • secureSWF v4Fast, robust, and lightweight engine
    Get much more done, much faster!
  • Reworked identifier renaming
    More aggressive, safer, cross-file, and incremental!
  • Improved code protection
    Laugh as all recent decompilers choke on your code!
  • 22 options for code optimization
    Includes method inlining!
  • 15 options for SWF file optimization
    Most optimizations preserve graphics quality!
  • Fast RC4 or extra-secure AES
    Two encryption modes for strings and domains!
  • Hassle-free domain locking
    Include URLs and subdomains using wildcards!
  • Encrypted loader protects all SWF assets
    Crash decompilers and confuse memory scanners!
  • And a whole lot more
    Reworked command line interface; full-fledged Ant integration; Ant script export from GUI; native GUI for Windows, Mac, and Linux; Flex SDK identification; lightweight JSON-based project files; support for Amazon AIR apps … and the list goes on.

Take The Video Tour.

Check out what’s new in this quick 3-minute video tour.

Download secureSWF v4 Now.

Download the demo version and take secureSWF’s 100 new features for a spin today.

Download secureSWF v4

Let Us Know How We Did. Please. We’re Begging You.

Here at Kindi we’re excited to put down the coffee cups, stretch our legs, and unleash what we think is the hands-down-best solution for protecting your Flash and Flex work. So, please take a moment to download secureSWF v4, fire it up, and tell us what you think. Or if everything’s perfect, call us anyway and chat we could use a little human contact after being shut up in our offices for the past two years. But whether we hear from you or not (which makes us sad just thinking about it), we hope you love this new version as much as we loved cooking it up for you.

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  1. sky says:

    I am chinese,I’d want to know do you have chinese customer service?

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