New Release: secureSWF v4.6

While we’re getting close to launching secureSWF v5.0, we felt we should ship a couple new features and bug fixes today through a minor version update. To get the new update, you need to download the new version from the following link:

Download secureSWF v4

The new release, v4.6 Build 3883, has the following changes:

1. Support for AIR 15:
We now support all AIR versions. Including AIR 15 beta.

2. Manual Activation:
If you need to activate secureSWF on an offline, or behind a firewall, machine, you can now use the manual activation process. The new release can generate a Machine ID which you can use to acquire a Verification Key from the following page:

Using your registration information, and the Verification Key, you can activate secureSWF without the need to connect to the activation server. Of course, this will only work on the machine which you have used to generate the Machine ID.

The manual activation process can be done via the GUI or the CLI.

secureSWF Manual Activation

secureSWF Manual Activation

3. Enhanced Protection Against Decompilers:
As we frequently do, the new build also updates the protection mechanisms we use to prevent decompilers from generating anything useful or running at all. We recommend that you re-run your apps through the new version and publish an update.

4. Better String Encryption Performance:
We’ve enhanced the performance of the string decryption routine, which runs every time your code accesses an encrypted string. This means your app will now perform a bit faster if you are using string encryption. The enhancement applies to both RC4 and AES algorithms.

5. Bug Fixes:
We’ve fixed an issue with String Encryption advanced selection dialog in the GUI. We’ve also fixed almost all reported crashes. Please keep sending crash reports. We rely on them to make secureSWF more stable and reliable.

Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions. We’ll highly appreciate your feedback!

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